Cap Gorka-3k khaki made by BARS for russian special forces unifrom Gorka-3 BARS

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Cap Gorka-3 khaki made by BARS is in addition to mountain suit for hunting and special forces Gorka-3 made by BARS but not included in the suit.

Made of dense and durable fabric tent is widely used in the manufacture of unifrom in Russia - 100 % cotton - khaki color (green), with pads of tissue Gretta -brown color (seems like black olive) 60% polyester 40 % cotton at the top to protect the head from getting wet in the rain.

Size selection.

Choose the size carefully, I advise you to choose the size of more than one scale size than your size (if you have on metter 55cm buy 56cm, if you have 56 byu 57), because it is always possible make up if is not suitable, and if it is less than that will not work because the cap is not stretched, as adjustment.

Videi about the cap

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